GPS Fleet Tracking: Saving North York Companies Time and Money

GPS Fleet Tracking: Saving North York Companies Time and Money

• We will reduce your payroll, overtime, fuel expenses & increase your billable hours by at least $150.00/m on each of your commercial vehicles or your money back. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

• How to be a ROCK STAR at managing your commercial vehicles by implementing a GPS tracking solution effectively.

• Our 5 step GPS mastery will put $150.00/m or more in your pocket for each of your vehicles

Owning and operating a business – no matter the size – is an awful lot like juggling with chainsaws that are on fire all by yourself in an empty stadium! it’s a huge amount of work requiring incredible patience, dedication and perseverance. The risks are high and if you pull it off flawlessly, nobody but you will know there was ever anything at risk in the first place! Now, that makes it seem like there are no downsides whatsoever and as a business owner you know that’s not true. But you also know that your job requires you to be attentive to every conceivable detail of your operation, from the large-scale stuff like keeping the lights on and the heat going all winter to the smaller-level details like office supplies and GPS fleet tracking. North York business owners who used to track company vehicles using the old-school pen-and-paper method have endless praise for the latest high-tech Global Positioning Syste (GPS) tracking technology, and the vehicle tracking companies that offer it, and upgrading your system for keeping track of company cars, trucks and vans can help you in a huge variety of ways.

Cutting Costs, Raising Profits

Every kilometer travelled by your corporate vehicles is money spent in fuel, maintenance and man-hours. That’s why it’s so important to have the clearest picture of where your commercial vehicle fleet is travelling, how it’s getting to its various destinations, and how long it’s taking to get away and back again. With precise route mapping, real-time and archived location data, and line-by-line reports delivered regularly and on-demand, a high-end, reputable and experienced GPS tracking company can put all the most important pieces of information right at your fingertips. Have a thought that maybe one of your drivers might be taking the long way to get from the garage to their service calls? Call up the travel data from that particular company truck for the last few weeks and just see for yourself. Dealing with a customer who just got their invoice for a delivery you made a few weeks ago, demanding a discount?? Look up that exact trip and find out if they have a legitimate complaint or if they’re just trying to scam you out of a portion of their bill with ease

Just Good Common Sense

The benefits offered by high-tech vehicle tracking aren’t all focused on the notion that people are trying to scam you. Having a thorough database of information about your vehicle usage just makes sense. Once you’ve established a solid pattern of mileage and travel habits, you can more easily tailor future advertising for areas you’re not servicing as much. Fleet managers will have a better idea of when each vehicle might need service to avoid unpleasant surprises when more than one of them needs to go into the shop at the same time.

 Ultimately, what you do with your business is up to you. You have a lot on your mind, and even more on your plate, and there are all kinds of thing vying for your attention besides GPS fleet tracking. North York business owners who have made the switch, however, have no doubts left in their minds at all that it was the best possible move for their business. Keep your eyes on the road and money in your pocket by making sure you know exactly where your vehicles are, and where they’ve been.

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